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What is European Pravda?

The European Pravda (EuroPravda, EP) website is the first and by now the only popular news media in Ukraine with a primary focus on EU Affairs, European events, and Ukraine’s European future.

The NGO European Pravda manages the www.eurointegration.com.ua site, created in 2014 by a group of journalists led by Sergiy Sydorenko and Yurii Panchenko, who remain in charge of it.

We believe that Ukraine is a European nation with an EU- and Euro-Atlantic future. Our mission is to pave the way for this future by providing Ukrainian readers with news and analysis on:

 – EU affairs, NATO affairs and the CoE;
 – Ukraine-EU and Ukraine-NATO relations and rapprochement;
 – reforms that Ukraine has committed itself to on its European and Euro-Atlantic path;
 – political, economic, and social events in other European countries (including EaP partners) and political developments in non-European NATO members;
 – Ukraine foreign policy’s European dimension;
 – global/international security, including nuclear non-proliferation.

EuroPravda in a non-profit media. We rely on your support! 

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What do we do?

We believe that providing Ukrainian readership with news stories about political developments in Europe, etc. is of utmost importance: Ukrainians need to feel integrated into Europe. Therefore, we pay particular attention to all European countries.

The European Pravda fulfills this goal together with others as we serve as a primary news source for Ukrainian media on events in Europe, providing them with a free-to-distribute newsfeed. Our news coverage is multiplied by other media – online, TV, etc. 

We also enjoy strategic cooperation with the Ukrainska Pravda web group that supports our principles and helps us to distribute the information we generate.

Likewise, the European Pravda produces analytical pieces, op-eds, videos, etc. 

EuroPravda is respected not only as a news outlet but also as a "think-tank media". We publish pieces by Ukrainian experts and provide our expertise and public policy advice whenever it concerns our areas of coverage. We are proud to play a role in the implementation of some of the reforms and reform packages, including the Visa Liberalization Action Plan that resulted in the launch of the visa waiver between Ukraine and the EU.

How do we function?

The EP is an independent media (with publicly declared editorial principles) run by journalists. To secure our independence, we rely on grants that cover 80-85% of our expenses.

Over the years, we have enjoyed support from the European Endowment for Democracy (our first donor), the International Renaissance Foundation, the Council of Europe, NATO Public Diplomacy Division, the European Union, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Czech MFA, and others.

None of these donors, however, has ever defined or influenced our editorial policy.

Also, recently we initiated a crowdfunding campaign, which allowed us to finance additional components of our media, including video and the creation of the outlet’s version in English.