30 Years of EU's Diplomatic Presence in Ukraine: Reflection of the Past and a Look Ahead

One day Ukraine will become a member of the European Union because of the determination, reforms and choices made by the Ukrainian people.
8 December, 2023
Ukraine and Sweden Discuss Possible Supply of Gripen Aircraft
Ukraine's Parliament Adopts Range of European Integration Laws Related to Combating Corruption
Zelenskyy Speaks with Estonia's Prime Minister about Upcoming EU Summit and Further Support for Ukraine
Orbán's Government Openly Switches to Russia’s Positions
Germany Provides Ukraine with New Aid Package Containing Ammunition and Drones
Ukraine's Parliament Approves Changes to National Minorities' Rights Required for EU Membership Talks
Finnish Border Guards Detain Russian Militant after Court Decides Not to Extradite Him to Ukraine
Finnish Court Frees Russian Militant and Refuses to Extradite Him to Ukraine over Concerns about Prison Conditions
First Batch of Lorries Sent by Rail from Ukraine to Poland, Bypassing Border Blockade
EXPLAINERHow Ukraine Became "Border Hostage" in US Congress
7 December, 2023
Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers Approves European Integration Bill on Lobbying
EXPLAINERWhat Should Ukraine Do to Unlock Border with Poland
Russian FSB-Backed Hackers Allegedly Interfere in UK Political Processes
Size of Aid to Ukraine Reaches Lowest Level since January 2022 – Research
EXPLAINERWhat Lies Behind the Idea of Ukraine Partial NATO Membership
Canada Imposes Sanctions on Russian Diamonds and Related Goods
Estonian PM Tries to Change Orbán's Position on Ukraine
Putin Will "Come Back for More" If He Is Not Stopped, UK Foreign Secretary Says
US Department of State to Send Adviser to Ukraine
Ukraine's Ambassador in US Comments on Failed Vote in Senate
It's Political Blackmail: Biden Reacts to Defeat in Vote on Aid for Ukraine
6 December, 2023
PHOTOUkrainians Protest outside Polish Parliament over Border Blockade
EXPLAINERHow Polish Companies Entered EU Markets and Why They Were Called Mafia
Polish Hauliers' Blockade Delays Volunteer Aid to Ukrainian Defenders – Reuters
UK Sanctions Exporters of Military Equipment to Russia
Hungarian Foreign Minister Tries to Explain Why Hungary Opposes Ukraine's EU Membership
No Sense of Doom – Latvian President on Possible Reduction of Aid for Ukraine
German Defence Minister Promises to Improve Situation with Million Rounds for Ukraine
Slovak Hauliers Threaten to Completely Block Checkpoint on Border with Ukraine
US Secretary of State: Senate Would Open Pandora's Box of Aggression If It Does Not Approve Aid for Ukraine
EXPLAINERWhat Ukrainians Think About Western Leaders and "Security Guarantees" – Survey
​​​​US Congressmen Explain What Was Discussed at Closed Briefing on Support of Ukraine
Netherlands Allocate Nine Million Euros for Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office and Judiciary
Biden Calls Possible Refusal to Support Ukraine "Absolutely Crazy"
Ukrainian Delegation Meets with US House Speaker
5 December, 2023
EXPLAINERWhy Criminal Cases Being Prepared in Poland against Current Government
Biden and Duda Are the Foreign Leaders Most Trusted by Ukrainians
Baltic States Send Démarche to Poland over Ukrainian Border Blockade
Defence Ministry Names Nine Priorities from Future Security Obligations Package of EU
Slovakia's Foreign Minister Says He Does Not Imagine Ukraine in EU under the Current Circumstances
Kyiv Explains Why Government Negotiations with Hungarian Counterparts Postponed
Politico: French President Invites Hungarian Prime Minister to Convince Him to Support Ukraine's Accession to EU
European Council President to Cut Visit to China Short over Hungarian PM's Threats against Ukraine − Politico
Congress Explains Why Aid to Ukraine Is Linked to US Borders' Protection
US to Provide Ukraine with Thousands of Tonnes of Metal for Power Facility Protection
Finland Plans to Produce More Ammunition for Ukraine
Border Crossing Point with Slovakia Reopens after Blockade
US Senate Schedules Vote on Assistance to Ukraine
European Commission Determined to Defend Cancellation of Permits despite Polish Demands
4 December, 2023
Ukrainian and Slovak PMs Hold First Conversation: They May Meet in Early 2024
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Long-reads and interviews

UK Defence Secretary Applauds the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day
Putin still believes the West, distracted by events elsewhere, will tire of his illegal war. He is wrong.
The Global Leaders and Countries Gaining and Losing Ukrainians' Trust: Change over a Year
"Joining NATO incrementally has significant support among Ukrainians if achieving a complete victory is currently impossible."
OSCE Meeting in North Macedonia Fails to Stand Up to Lavrov, Deepening Problems
Russia has demonstrated that it is prepared to destroy the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), regardless of whether other states accede to its demands.
Road to NATO without Hungary’s Veto: Ukraine's Reform Plan Agreed with Alliance
The scheme that could make it happen is a genuine diplomatic victory for Ukraine...


Limiting Hungarian Pressure on Ukraine: Two Concessions Kyiv Should Reject on Its Way to EU
A draft amendment to Ukraine’s legislation on minorities crosses important red lines for Ukraine. However, there is still time for improvement...
"The World Was Not Ready to Support Ukraine": Interview with Ukraine’s First Foreign Minister after the Maidan
Andrii Deshchytsia: "The meeting with Lavrov took place – symbolically – in The Hague. He only agreed to speak one on one... I’ve never for one moment regretted calling Putin a dickhead."
Price of Blockade: Consequences of Protest on Ukrainian-Polish Border
Polish businesses are also suffering losses from the blockade of their border with Ukraine - and these losses may be proportionate to Ukraine’s.
EU Candidate Race: Can Ukraine Catch Up with Western Balkans? Analysing EU Commission Report
Ukraine’s speed does not give us much hope that accession negotiations will be completed within two years. Currently, Ukraine and Moldova are far behind all the other countries in EU negotiations.
Deputy PM in Charge of EU: Ukraine Is an Enlargement Leader. We’ll Do the Impossible during Accession Negotiations
Ukraine's progress towards EU membership cannot be evaluated based on how other countries are progressing. It has sometimes seemed as if the bar was continually being raised for us.
Yellow Light for Ukraine: EU Commission Decision on When EU Accession Negotiations Will Begin
Ukraine thus faces a situation where it is presented with a requirement that is not based on European standards and was not part of previous requirements for acceding to the EU...
American Storm around Ukraine: Options for Future US Assistance
The fate of US aid to Ukraine depends on whether the new Speaker of the House of Representatives can strike a balance between negotiating with the Democrats and appeasing the right-wing radicals.
New Conflict Between Ukraine and Poland: Why Polish Truck Drivers Ready to Block Border
A new conflict is brewing between Ukraine and Poland. This time it is about freight transport. Is there any chance to resolve this dispute through compromise?
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