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Ukraine Gets Closer to Schengen: What to Expect from Joint Customs Control with Poland

Ukraine might get a chance to reduce queues at the border with all its Schengen neighbours and get one step closer to a barrier-free Europe.

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The Illusion of Compromise. Concessions to Russia Proposed by the NYT Will Defeat the West
But this is and must be Ukraine's decision. Because if the West tries to impose it, by limiting aid, or other means, it will lead to catastrophe.
Die Illusion eines Kompromisses: Zugeständnisse an Russland werden die Niederlage des Westens
"Was bringt es, für Demokratie und westliche Werte zu kämpfen, wenn der Westen sogar die Ukraine verraten hat?"
NYT Board Fails to Understand the Russian War Against Ukraine. Here is Why
As fierce battles are raging in Ukraine, their outcome will be in many ways decided by the US readiness to support Ukraine in its war against the Russian aggressor.
EU Candidate Status for Ukraine: Pros and Cons
Ukraine has enough reasons for the decision to grant EU candidate status and reasons against potential reservations.
EU Plans Hundred Billions for "Rebuild Ukraine", but Issues Remain
'Rebuild Ukraine' is the new tool for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the end of the war with Russia.
Proving Genocide Committed by Putin, Lavrov, and the Russian Army. Interview of Ukrainian Lawyer
Anton Korynevych: "We have all seen Bucha, Irpin, and Gostomel, but we have not yet seen Mariupol and other cities where horrors have also occurred and continue."
"Ukraine Might Join NATO without MAP": U.S. Embassy Interview
Ukraine should win the war. And it's not us, but Ukraine should decide the terms for victory. We support Ukraine in whatever they feel a victory.
Moldova and Transnistria in a Nutshell: the Key Info to Know during the War in Ukraine
While Ukraine is fighting for its independence from Russian invaders, some neighboring countries act not the way Ukraine would like to see. Including Moldova.
Putins Army Fights Like ISIS in Ukraine. Their Way to Lose Is the Same, Too
Rape, as a crime of war, was weaponised by elements of the Russian armed forces multiple times before, especially during the first and second Chechen wars.
Bulgaria: Hard Choice between Weapons for Ukraine and Unity of the Coalition
Bulgaria had long been perceived as a satellite of Russia. This is changing right now.
EU Recovery Plan for Ukraine: Membership Perspective Is Essential for the Efficiency
As the Russian aggression continues, these costs are increasing speedily. And we have to be prepared not only for this.
Together with the UN: Strasbourg Helps to Punish Russia for the Aggression against Ukraine
Ukraine is now at the forefront of changes in global security architecture. In fact, these changes are starting right now.
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