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Ukraines EU Membership Perspective Correlates with NATO Membership Path. Interview with Deputy Secretary General of NATO

Based on his country's example, the Romanian diplomat Mircea Geoană understands the peculiarities of the movement of Eastern European countries to NATO. He has taken over a significant part of communication with Kyiv and can explain NATO's processes and decisions regarding Ukraine. We interviewed him right before Alliance's summit in Madrid.

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Ukraine Is One Step Closer to EU Membership. Process Won't Be Easy
Ukraine has become an official EU member candidate.
Five Reasons Why Hungary Supported Ukraine's EU Candidacy
The Hungarian government publicly announced that Viktor Orbán would vote in favor of granting Ukraine EU candidate status right before the EU summit.
Kaliningrad: What Russia's Threats to Lithuania Might Lead To
Lithuania's ban on the transit of goods across its territory to the Russian Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad has outraged Russia.
It depends only on Ukraine how long will Ukraine's EU accession take
As the war in Ukraine is raging on, there is despair, but there is also hope. The hope that one day this war will be over and Ukraine will be a normal European state.
RussiaMust Pay: What Ukraine and Its Allies Must Do to Make Reparations Mechanism Work
Discussions about Ukraine receiving post-war reparations from Russia mainly relate to how Ukraine could get access to the Russian assets that have been seized around the globe. Creating such mechanisms is a task for which international law has no readily available answer.
Worlds Support to Ukraine: Which Countries Support Providing Weapons to Ukraine and Sanctions against Russia
Back in the spring, the international research firm Ipsos surveyed 27 countries on their response to the war in Ukraine. We should admit some states favor Ukraine, but the study did not mention them. So the analysis is about absolute allies or absolute enemies but only about relative indicators.
Ukraine Be Deprived of EU Candidacy without Reforms: Details of the Commission Opinion
June 17 was a very good day for Ukraine. Ukraine has won on this front: the European Commission has confirmed that it deserved candidate status.
No Obstacles to Joining NATO with Occupied Territories, - Former Minister of Defense
Andriy Zagorodnyuk: "Kyiv's demands to close the sky" were unrealistic. Ukraine will have to return to NATO membership but it needs to create "competitors of the Alliance"... "
Green Light for Ukraine and the EU Reform, All at Once. French MEPs Proposal
War is back in Europe. We did not know, until a few months ago, that we would have to say this terrible sentence. But today the war is here, in Ukraine, very close to here.
Shattered Immunities of Aggressor: How Courts Make Russia Pay for Its War
Russias immunities are not absolute. National courts should deny immunities related to any lawsuit for losses caused by Russias armed aggression in Ukraine
Will the EU Offer Ukraine Candidate Status and What Defines It?
There have been a lot of changes in Ukraine's movement toward EU membership in the previous month. Ukrainian participants in the process radiate cautious optimism and have reason to do so.
The Key Things You Need to Know about the Crime of Genocide Committed in Ukraine
The Russian Federation denies the very existence of the Ukrainian nation, while references to Ukraine are removed from the history textbooks.
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