Road to NATO without Hungary’s Veto: Ukraine's Reform Plan Agreed with Alliance
The scheme that could make it happen is a genuine diplomatic victory for Ukraine...
Limiting Hungarian Pressure on Ukraine: Two Concessions Kyiv Should Reject on Its Way to EU
A draft amendment to Ukraine’s legislation on minorities crosses important red lines for Ukraine. However, there is still time for improvement...
"The World Was Not Ready to Support Ukraine": Interview with Ukraine’s First Foreign Minister after the Maidan
Andrii Deshchytsia: "The meeting with Lavrov took place – symbolically – in The Hague. He only agreed to speak one on one... I’ve never for one moment regretted calling Putin a dickhead."
Price of Blockade: Consequences of Protest on Ukrainian-Polish Border
Polish businesses are also suffering losses from the blockade of their border with Ukraine - and these losses may be proportionate to Ukraine’s.
EU Candidate Race: Can Ukraine Catch Up with Western Balkans? Analysing EU Commission Report
Ukraine’s speed does not give us much hope that accession negotiations will be completed within two years. Currently, Ukraine and Moldova are far behind all the other countries in EU negotiations.
Deputy PM in Charge of EU: Ukraine Is an Enlargement Leader. We’ll Do the Impossible during Accession Negotiations
Ukraine's progress towards EU membership cannot be evaluated based on how other countries are progressing. It has sometimes seemed as if the bar was continually being raised for us.
Yellow Light for Ukraine: EU Commission Decision on When EU Accession Negotiations Will Begin
Ukraine thus faces a situation where it is presented with a requirement that is not based on European standards and was not part of previous requirements for acceding to the EU...
American Storm around Ukraine: Options for Future US Assistance
The fate of US aid to Ukraine depends on whether the new Speaker of the House of Representatives can strike a balance between negotiating with the Democrats and appeasing the right-wing radicals.
New Conflict Between Ukraine and Poland: Why Polish Truck Drivers Ready to Block Border
A new conflict is brewing between Ukraine and Poland. This time it is about freight transport. Is there any chance to resolve this dispute through compromise?
Reforming Europe for Future Enlargement: EU’s Changing Approach to Ukraine's Accession
Key European capitals have begun to hear Ukraine's arguments. Now, everything needs to be done to make this idea prevail in the EU.
Government of Revenge and Friendship with Orbán: What to Expect from Slovakia's New Leadership
Key ministerial positions in the new government of Slovakia have been given to individuals known for their criticism of EU policies, including those concerning Ukraine.
More than Anti-crisis Measure: Role of EU’s "Solidarity Lanes" for Ukraine
Initiated in 2022, the European Union project "Solidarity Lanes" has become a tool that ensures the real Ukraine's EU integration.
Model for Central Europe: Why Poland's Elections Will Change More Than Just Polish Politics
The Polish elections have become a kind of mirror, meant to show what the political model of Central Europe will be and how it will affect our prospects.
"Putin Has a Very Slim Possibility to Stay On for the Long Term." Interview with Ukraine's Legal Advisor
Harold Koh: "In the fall of 2021, there was a chance that Putin would invade. We developed a theory for that possibility."
Ilze Znotina: Political Will Pays Dividends in Fighting Money Laundering

Ilze Znotina: To establish a training system and gain the trust of other nations is crucial.
Ilze Znotina: Political Will Pays Dividends in Fighting Money Laundering
lze Znotina: Success of sanctions is pivotal for Ukraine's victory in the ongoing war
If US Assistance Decreases, Europe Will Be Unable to Make Up for It. Interview with Ukraine's Former Defence Minister
Andrii Zahorodniuk: "Every time we achieve significant success, it doesn't happen the way our American partners expected."
Crisis That Must Be Averted: How Europe Is Preparing for Possible Cut in US Military Aid
It is time to prepare for all scenarios in the United States, given that in Washington, they are publicly discussing reducing or even discontinuing aid to Ukraine...