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"Trump doesn't want Ukraine to become Afghanistan. It will be a catastrophe for him." An interview with Kurt Volker
"The secret to dealing with a potential Trump presidency is – don't expect anything. [...] I think he would now see that Ukraine failing, losing to Russia, would be just like Afghanistan for him. He doesn't want to be in that position…"
Ukraine Peace Summit turns hard on Russia. How leaders amended the final decision under criticism
Switzerland has changed the troublesome provisions of the final document of the Peace Summit, which could have had undesirable consequences for Ukraine. Public outcry has improved the possible outcome of the Peace Summit.
"Ukraine may strike Russian territory with Dutch F-16s, but we should be realistic." An interview with Kajsa Ollongren
Kajsa Ollongren: "Even if there is one right-wing populist party that is not that enthusiastic, the others will be able to force them to continue to support Ukraine."
Swiss Peace Summit could end up harming Ukraine as nothing is going to plan
Making such a decision will send a powerful signal to the world that Ukraine has compromised on key principles...
"We can find 1.5 –2 million shells for Ukraine within a year. I don't understand why there isn't money for this"
Tomáš Kopečný: "Today, the pace of deliveries depends on a single factor: the availability of financial resources. And very often we have to compete with the Russians." 
"We will see a 'black swan' scenario for Russia and then it will lose everything." An interview from Prague
David Stulík: "Not striking Russia is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back... Soon we will see a 'black swan' scenario in Russia."
Will the world mourn when Putin dies? How the death of Iran's president has embarrassed the West
Even the US – famously Iran’s No. 1 enemy – has made gestures of respect for the politician who was rightly dubbed "the Butcher of Tehran"… 
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