War with Russia

Ben Hodges: During This War, Biden Failed to Do the Most Important Task – To Define US's Objective
"Right now, Putin sees that we are not committed to Ukraine winning. So he just has to hang on."
If US Assistance Decreases, Europe Will Be Unable to Make Up for It. Interview with Ukraine's Former Defence Minister
Andrii Zahorodniuk: "Every time we achieve significant success, it doesn't happen the way our American partners expected."
Crisis That Must Be Averted: How Europe Is Preparing for Possible Cut in US Military Aid
It is time to prepare for all scenarios in the United States, given that in Washington, they are publicly discussing reducing or even discontinuing aid to Ukraine...
"Security Guarantees" Pledged to Ukraine Would Leave Ukrainians Frustrated
The perceprton of these "guarantees" in society is polarised. Some do not believe in them at all and some put too much hope in security guarantees...

American Storm around Ukraine: Options for Future US Assistance
The fate of US aid to Ukraine depends on whether the new Speaker of the House of Representatives can strike a balance between negotiating with the Democrats and appeasing the right-wing radicals.