Sergiy Sydorenko

Co-founder and co-editor of the European Pravda
"The World Was Not Ready to Support Ukraine": Interview with Ukraine’s First Foreign Minister after the Maidan
Andrii Deshchytsia: "The meeting with Lavrov took place – symbolically – in The Hague. He only agreed to speak one on one... I’ve never for one moment regretted calling Putin a dickhead."
EU Candidate Rating: Can Ukraine Catch Up with Western Balkans? Analysing EU Commission Report-2023
Ukraine’s speed does not give us much hope that accession negotiations will be completed within two years. Currently, Ukraine and Moldova are far behind all the other countries in EU negotiations.
Yellow Light for Ukraine: EU Commission Decision on When EU Accession Negotiations Will Begin
Ukraine thus faces a situation where it is presented with a requirement that is not based on European standards and was not part of previous requirements for acceding to the EU...
Reforming Europe for Future Enlargement: EU’s Changing Approach to Ukraine's Accession
Key European capitals have begun to hear Ukraine's arguments. Now, everything needs to be done to make this idea prevail in the EU.
Europe Will Stretch from Lisbon to Luhansk – Ukraine Will Be In, Russia Out: Interview with German Ambassador to Ukraine
Martin Jäger: "It is obvious to us that Ukraine's future lies in the EU and in NATO... But readiness for accession is indeed a complex challenge."
"Putin Has a Very Slim Possibility to Stay On for the Long Term." Interview with Ukraine's Legal Advisor
Harold Koh: "In the fall of 2021, there was a chance that Putin would invade. We developed a theory for that possibility."
Ben Hodges: During This War, Biden Failed to Do the Most Important Task – To Define US's Objective
"Right now, Putin sees that we are not committed to Ukraine winning. So he just has to hang on."
If US Assistance Decreases, Europe Will Be Unable to Make Up for It. Interview with Ukraine's Former Defence Minister
Andrii Zahorodniuk: "Every time we achieve significant success, it doesn't happen the way our American partners expected."
Crisis That Must Be Averted: How Europe Is Preparing for Possible Cut in US Military Aid
It is time to prepare for all scenarios in the United States, given that in Washington, they are publicly discussing reducing or even discontinuing aid to Ukraine...
Lack of EU Courage. Ukraine's Ways and Means of Joining the Union
Ukraine's future accession is currently treated as a fact in internal discussions within the EU. However, experts warn against excessive optimism.
"Ukraine's Accession to the EU in 2030 Is Realistic." First Interview with the New EU Ambassador
Katarína Mathernová: "Ukraine's image as a corrupt state was largely created by Russian propaganda. This is changing."
Mission Not Accomplished: Start of EU Accession Negotiations Still at Risk
The average score for meeting the (accession) conditions is 8 out of 10. There is a couple of problems: the "PEP law" and parliamentary resistance...
"Europe Needs to Put Itself in a Situation Where We Can Help Ukraine in War without US"
Benjamin Haddad: "In France, public opinion tends to be much less cynical and much less afraid of Russia than our elites sometimes are."
"Ukraine Needs the Court to Rule That Russia Is a Criminal State. Then We Will Move On to Reparations"
Oksana Zolotaryova: "For us, Russian narratives about genocide are just common rhetoric. But for the international community, it was something new. They didn't quite understand what it was about."
First Genocide Case against Russia. How Ukraine and 32 Countries Sue Kremlin in the Hague
Russia's agent built his presentation on fake historical claims about Nazi Ukraine and accused President Zelenskyy personally of supporting Nazism.