Sergiy Sydorenko

Co-founder and co-editor of the European Pravda
"Ukraine Will Have to Meet Conditions for US Money" Interview with New US SpecRep for Ukraine's Economic Recovery
Penny Pritzker: "My responsibilities are economically oriented... It involves meeting the reform needs that are necessary for Ukraine to achieve EU accession ."
"Putin, like Stalin, Commits Genocide by Defining Who Gets Food and Who Doesn’t."An Interview with Timothy Snyder
Snyder: "Russia has to lose the. History teaches us that the reckonings only start after your imperial project fails.
EU Ambassador: Corruption in Ukraine Became Unpatriotic in Times of War
Matti Maasikas: "What Ukraine will have to do on the first day after victory will require a very high level of statesmanship from the authorities."
Russian Defeat for Erdoğan. How Turkish Leader Failed to Secure Ukraine Grain Deal with Putin
This meeting was supposed to take place not in Russia, but in Türkiye. Erdoğan did not hide how much he wanted it to happen. However, he travelled to Russia to leave empty handed.
"To Send F-16s to Ukraine, Preconditions Yet to Be Met". Interview with Dutch Minister of Defence
Kajsa Ollongren: "As long as you are using F-16 for self-defence and restoration of your territorial integrity, you can use them in the best way you can."
"Security Guarantees" Pledged to Ukraine Would Leave Ukrainians Frustrated
The perceprton of these "guarantees" in society is polarised. Some do not believe in them at all and some put too much hope in security guarantees...
Kyiv Details Position on NATO: Allies Won't Say "No" at Vilnius Summit; Fear of Russia Transformed
Olha Stefanishyna: "We will join NATO regardless of the decisions at the Vilnius summit... I don't have the feeling that Hungary will become a "black swan."
Some in West like Seeing How Kremlin Is Being Destroyed Slowly, but Price Is Too High for Ukraine
Linas Linkevičius: "The idea of not provoking Russia is a stupid thing... In essence, Russia has a veto power in the Alliance, and we have been talking about it for years..."
Two Goals for NATO Summit: Ukraine Explains Its Demand to Allies
Ukraine now acknowledges that NATO membership at war is not feasible. However, this does not stop the Alliance from politically inviting Ukraine to membership right now.
Venice Smells Like Russia: How Council of Europe Body Finds a Way to Undermine Ukraine's EU Future
Ukraine will not comply with such absurd recommendations from the Venice Commission, no matter what is at stake. However, this decision will be used to hinder Ukraine's progress toward EU membership...
Russia's Collapse, Post-war Scenarios, Ukraine in NATO and More. Interview with Latvia's President-Elect
Edgars Rinkēvičs: "Defeated and humiliated Russia that seeks revenge is a very dangerous scenario. Collapsing Russia is also a dangerous scenario. What will happen with nuclear weapons?"
"Vilnius NATO summit to not decide whether Ukraine will join Alliance – this decision has already been made"
Baiba Braže: "Russia talks about having the second strongest army? Well, right now they have the second strongest army in Ukraine, after Ukraine."
Russian Funds for Ukrainian Victims: What European Leaders Agreed on at Reykjavik Summit
"European Pravda" explains who will be entitled to a share of Russian money and how the new mechanism, which is a victory for Ukraine and its citizens, will work."
"Nobody Will Blame Ukraine If Post-War Elections Are Not Perfect." Interview with PACE President
PACE President: "Nobody will blame Ukraine if everything is not perfect. Everybody will blame Ukraine if you do not organise the elections..."
Seven EU Requirements for Ukraine: Accession Negotiations Getting Closer
Ukraine is getting closer to timely fulfilling the seven criteria, or the requirements, obtained with EU candidate status.