Sergiy Sydorenko

Co-founder and co-editor of the European Pravda
Minister from Macron's Government: "It Is Now Clear That Ukraine Will Join the EU"
Clément Beaune: "This process does take several years. I'm totally sure, and I can guarantee 100%, that the commitment made by the EU will remain"
Ukraine's NATO Membership Needs no Action Plan, We Have to Leave 2008 Mistakes Behind
We need a new concept of relations with NATO and Ukraine's movement towards membership. Geopolitical reality requires speeding up this process.
"Putin Tribunal" to Indict about 20 Russians: Interview with Ukraine's Envoye for War Trials
Anton Korynevych: "To reach a verdict against Putin while he is sitting in a bunker, we need a trial in absentia. This is real."
"I Believe the US Has Not Done Enough to Back Ukraine." Interview with Mike Pompeo
"Had the US done that a quicker, better, faster, it might be the case that we wouldn't be where we are..."
How Russian Nukes in Belarus Undermine China's Xi Authority Instead of Scaring NATO
In order not to stand up for "red lines", Russia copied the US nuclear tactics. But Putin did not see how Xi Jinping's authority was reduced to ashes.
"No Reason to Be Positive about Russia, a Threat for Generations." Interview with Latvia's Prime Minister
Krišjānis Kariņš: "I see no possibility of Ukraine losing. I see no possibility of Russia winning it."
EU Criteria Assessment for Ukraine Expected in May; Kyiv Keen to Meet All but One
The Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Olha Stefanishyna states that the first evaluation of the European Commission regarding Ukraine's progress in fulfilling the "candidate criteria" will be presented in May, and by then, Kyiv will complete the implementation of most of them.
"I Cannot Imagine Postwar Europe without Ukraine as NATO Member." Interview with EPP President
Manfred Weber: "We need to give up fears and thoughts of what might happen, because Russia is a nuclear power"...
Coup Attempt in Moldova: Sandu Nominates New Prime Minister Facing Russia's Threat
"The plan envisages the use of people from outside the country for violent actions in Moldova. They are planning violent actions, including attacks on some state institutions and taking hostages," the president of Moldova said.
New Level of Transnistrian Conflict: Moldova Takes a Step to Ruin Pro-Russian Separatist Regime
Based on the law, the economic blockade of Transnistria should begin, and conciliatory negotiations with the separatists should change to coercion for reintegration...
How Brussels Assesses Kyiv's Readiness to Join the EU: Analytical Report
The level of European integration of Ukraine is chaotic, unsystematic... For the success of the move to the EU, one must not forget two components...
Seven Steps for Ukraine's EU Future. How Does Kyiv Implement Brussels' Checklist?
The EU decision requires Ukraine to fully implement each of the recommendations. Half a year after obtaining candidate status, this goal has not been achieved on any criteria...
Council of Europe Prepares the Creation of Tribunal for Putin and Russian Leadership
A "single crime trial" should be created in The Hague to punish the leadership of Russia and Belarus for the crime of aggression against Ukraine...
Russia Lost Donbas Case at First International Court. What Does It Mean
The decision has become an astonishing victory for Ukraine. It will have real financial benefits for many Ukrainian businesses, and in some places for ordinary citizens...
Boris Johnson: I Believe That Ukraine Will Retake Crimea and Donbas, but Russia Will Not Dissolve
"Whenever my colleagues from other European capitals began to think about some peace plan, the idea crumbled immediately: you can't negotiate with Putin because he's so patently untrustworthy..."