Sergiy Sydorenko

Co-founder and co-editor of the European Pravda
Ukraine’s EU Membership Perspective Correlates with NATO Membership Path. Interview with Deputy Secretary General of NATO
Based on his country's example, the Romanian diplomat Mircea Geoană understands the peculiarities of the movement of Eastern European countries to NATO. He has taken over a significant part of communication with Kyiv and can explain NATO's processes and decisions regarding Ukraine. We interviewed him right before Alliance's summit in Madrid.
Ukraine Is One Step Closer to EU Membership. Process Won't Be Easy
Ukraine has become an official EU member candidate.
Ukraine Be Deprived of EU Candidacy without Reforms: Details of the Commission Opinion
June 17 was a very good day for Ukraine. Ukraine has won on this front: the European Commission has confirmed that it deserved candidate status.
No Obstacles to Joining NATO with Occupied Territories, - Former Minister of Defense
Andriy Zagorodnyuk: "Kyiv's demands to close the sky" were unrealistic. Ukraine will have to return to NATO membership but it needs to create "competitors of the Alliance"... "
Will the EU Offer Ukraine Candidate Status and What Defines It?
There have been a lot of changes in Ukraine's movement toward EU membership in the previous month. Ukrainian participants in the process radiate cautious optimism and have reason to do so.
Who Blocks Ukraine's Application for EU Membership?
Granting Ukraine candidate status should have been unquestionable but politics intervened. Several states persuade Brussels to say no to Kyiv.
Proving Genocide Committed by Putin, Lavrov, and the Russian Army. Interview of Ukrainian Lawyer
Anton Korynevych: "We have all seen Bucha, Irpin, and Gostomel, but we have not yet seen Mariupol and other cities where horrors have also occurred and continue."
"Ukraine Might Join NATO without MAP": U.S. Embassy Interview
Ukraine should win the war. And it's not us, but Ukraine should decide the terms for victory. We support Ukraine in whatever they feel a victory.
Moldova and Transnistria in a Nutshell: the Key Info to Know during the War in Ukraine
While Ukraine is fighting for its independence from Russian invaders, some neighboring countries act not the way Ukraine would like to see. Including Moldova.
No Peace Deal is Possible After Red Lines Are Crossed in the Russia-Ukraine War
While the war in Ukraine is escalating, many in the world expect it to end up with a peace deal one day. There is bad news for all of them.
Transnistrian War Threat: Is There a Possibility of a Western Front for Ukraine
This week, while Russia is launching rocket attacks on the Ukrainian port of Odesa, events began to unfold further north in Transnistria. 
Chances for Nuclear Attack and Changes in the Defense Assistance: Interview of Victoria Nuland
Vladimir Putin has already ordered awful, vicious, brutal war crimes. Anything could happen, no one can exclude a nuclear weapon is used. 
Charles Michel: Ukraine Needs Heavy Weapons, It's Important and Very Urgent
European Council President: "What will be the shape of this victory over Russia? I will show full respect for the choice that the Ukrainian authorities"
Andriy Melnyk: I'm not Only the Ambassador of Ukraine, I'm an Arms Dealer
Andriy Melnyk is one of the most unusual ambassadors of Ukraine. His comments have caused changes in government policy and forced Germans to apologize to Ukraine.
Russian Crimes in Ukraine Have Escalated to Genocide. Proving This Can Change the World
The Russian Federation has planned a crime of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. It has even set the rules for arranging "mass graves" per 1,000 people each.