Deputy Secretary General of NATO Responded to Kyiv’s Criticism - We Taught You NATO-Style Solutions

Monday, 27 June 2022

Deputy secretary general of NATO, Mircea Geoană, responded to Kyiv's criticism about the lack of the Alliance's assistance.

The Deputy secretary general of NATO disagrees with the criticism that NATO is not helping Ukraine enough to defend itself against Russian aggression because the Alliance's role is connected with all helping partners.

"NATO agrees on a "role division." The Alliance, as such, provides non-lethal assistance to Ukraine, and the member states provide lethal weapons. After all, what is more important for you: this division or the final result? That's why I advise my friends in Kyiv to accept our help in general," Geoană said in the interview with EuroPravda..

He specified that NATO's non-lethal assistance was fuel, chemical, biological, and nuclear defenses, cyberspace and disinformation resilience, and training for the Ukrainian military since 2014.

"Of course, we all applaud and admire the courage of your soldiers. But one component of their success on the battlefield is that they have been trained to fight by NATO standards! It has been done by both the Alliance and individual allies - Canadians, Brits, Americans, Poles, Romanians, etc. The current success of the Armed Forces is a combination of heroism and ingenuity. We see a lot of cool military decisions. But these are the NATO-style solutions that have become possible by the command approaches we have taught you. And it helps Ukraine!" the deputy secretary general noted.

Geoană added Ukraine could also count on a gradual transition to Western-style weapons as its Soviet stockpile is over. NATO will also play its role.

"When we agreed on such a division - the Alliance provides non-lethal means, and the Allies provide military support to Ukraine - it was a deliberate decision. NATO is a risky organization, and we must avoid escalation and war between Russia and NATO, which will not benefit anyone.

With all respect to Ukraine, our number one task is to protect the billion people in NATO. I will remind you that the recent meeting, i.e., the "Ramstein format," had taken place here, at NATO headquarters, before the Alliance ministerial meeting," he said.

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