Kuleba to OSCE: Suspend Russia or It Will Destroy OSCE

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, called on the OSCE to find a way to suspend Russia's mandate due to the war it has unleashed. Otherwise, Russia would destroy OSCE itself.

Kuleba's remote speech at the annual OSCE conference began with the question of what the Russian representative is still doing at the Organization's desk after everything Russia has already done.

He cited examples of Russia undermining OSCE tools, preventing the OSCE Project Co-ordinator from working in Ukraine, refusing to extend his mandate, and ignoring Ukraine's request for a special OSCE risk reduction mechanism shortly before the invasion.

"Russia has been tolerated for too long, and now we have to deal with a monster that destroys everything in his way. Putin has openly stated his aggressive plans to restore the Soviet empire, in fact, the conquest of neighboring sovereign states. Members of the Russian political establishment regularly threaten other countries with nuclear weapons. I will remind everyone about one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. He was instructed by the world community to preserve, not to destroy, international peace and security," Dmytro Kuleba stressed.

He called on the Organization, given all the circumstances, to find a way to suspend Russia's mandate.

"They say there are no suitable mechanisms in the OSCE. Well, then create such a procedure and expel them... The OSCE must make a difficult choice. Leave everything as it is and allow Russia to destroy the Organization, or take action and find a way to suspend Russia's mandate. Formalism will not help in this case. When the future of Europe's security is at stake, we need decisive actions. If you need to set a precedent, create it," Dmytro Kuleba urged.

He also stresses that Ukraine undoubtedly seeks peace and has never wanted a war. Since Putin's imperial goals remain unchanged, negotiations with him will be possible only after Russia's defeats on the battlefield.

"I am confident Ukraine will win. In fact, Ukraine's victory is in the interests of all, including the OSCE, because it will restore peace, justice, and security in Europe. The question is the price that Ukraine and the whole of Europe will have to pay," Kuleba said.

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