Bayraktar Manufacturer to Provide “Polish” Drone for Free

Thursday, 28 July 2022

The Turkish company Baykar will provide the "Polish" drone "Bayraktar" to Ukraine for free, and the allocated funds will be spent on humanitarian aid.

The initiator of the fund-raising in Poland, journalist Sławomir Sierakowski published a letter from the board of directors of Baykar, in which they expressed their gratitude to all the Polish people who supported such a meaningful campaign.

"We want to participate in your humanitarian solidarity movement. We will provide a Bayraktar TB2 drone to the people of Ukraine so they can protect their homeland," the letter reads.

The 22.5 million zlotys collected in Poland, in agreement with the Ukrainian and Turkish parties, will be directed to humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian society, suffering terrible casualties.

Sierakowski added: since the campaign raised even more than planned (additional 1,800,000 zlotys), the funds will be transferred to a special fund-raising account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the National Bank of Ukraine.

The fund-raising campaign will officially stop at the end of the week.

"To sum up: our financial assistance to Ukraine amounts to about 50 million zlotys ($10.6 million)," Sierakowski said.

The fund-raising campaign in Poland for "Bayraktar" for Ukraine was announced on June 28. They planned to raise funds in a month but managed it faster.

In Poland, they were inspired by the successful campaigns in Lithuania and Ukraine. Both the "Lithuanian" drone and the three "Ukrainian" Bayraktars, the Baykar company, were sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for free.

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