U.S. Is Serious About Russian Nuclear Threats, Sending Signals to Kremlin - Ambassador

Thursday, 29 September 2022

U.S. is serious about Russian nuclear threats, sending signals to Kremlin - Ambassador

Ambassador of Ukraine Oksana Markarova emphasizes that the United States does not reject Russia's nuclear blackmail and seriously considers the consequences for the Russian Federation, sending signals to the Kremlin.

Markarova noted that this is not the first time Russia resorted to nuclear threats. According to her, Russia pulls out the "nuclear card" every time it loses.

"That's why the United States is seriously following everything. We saw President Biden's reaction in his recent interview with CBS... Everyone feels the danger from Russia is high. The Russian Federation and Putin have already crossed many "red lines," Markarova said in an interview with "European Pravda."

The ambassador emphasized that although Washington takes the threat seriously, it "does not see fear."

"Putin does not achieve with his threats what he wanted to achieve. Even though everyone is following it closely, aid to Ukraine is increasing. No one is afraid of his blackmailing," the ambassador added.

According to her, the USA knows the nuclear threat is real, so it sends appropriate signals to the Kremlin.

"Of course, any responsible leader cannot reject this and say: this is just blackmail. We will not pay attention to it at all. That is why we see such strong signals. I am sure that our strategic partner sends these signals not only publicly. We know it. We hear it in the public space," Markarova said.

The ambassador did not answer whether the U.S. had decided how it would respond to Russia in the event of a nuclear attack but noted that the consequences for the Russian Federation, in the words of President Joe Biden, "will be catastrophic."

"We understand that any use of nuclear weapons by a nuclear country against a non-nuclear country is a destruction of the entire world security system, the deterrence that nuclear weapons carry," the ambassador added.

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