Republican Senator Told Whether Us to Hand Over Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Monday, 21 November 2022

According to Republican senator Jim Risch, he himself supports the provision of fighter jets to Ukraine, but there is still no majority among Congress members.

Risch shared this in an interview with "European Pravda" on the sidelines of the Halifax Security Forum, attending it as the head of the American Congress delegation.

He noted that air control is necessary for Ukraine to win the war.

"I'm probably at the world's robust end of the spectrum. If it was up to me, fighter jets would be important, training the pilots would be important.

I hear people say: ‘Oh, you can't do that because you're going to escalate the war.’ Look when we fought in Vietnam and in Korea, the Russians supplied jets and supplied pilots to the other side. It's time to return the favour. I met with the pilots from Ukraine. I believe they can fly our F-16. It's going to take them some training. I don't think flying them is as much of a problem as operating the avionics and the battle systems in the airplane" noted Jim Risch.

At the same time, he admitted that aren't enough people right now that are in support of handing over Patriots to Ukraine.

"The next step down for me would be the NASAMS which are really proving their effectiveness in closing the airspace. We don't actually have to put airplanes in the air to close the airspace. Using NASAMS, using HIMARS, using the Stingers, has done a pretty good job of closing the airspace. Obviously, there's more that needs to be done, and I've urged the administration to do that.

There aren't enough people right now that are in support of that. Let's do what we can all agree on, and that's NASAMS. Let's get you guys as many NASAMS as we can," noted Jim Rish.

Read the full interview here.

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