Ukraine's Embassy in Spain Receives Bloody Package

Friday, 2 December 2022

The Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid has received a package with traces of blood similar to the packages previously received by other Ukrainian diplomatic institutions abroad.

Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said it in a comment to European Pravda.

"Ukraine’s embassy in Spain also received a blood-stained package similar to those previously received by our other diplomatic institutions. The Spanish police surrounded the perimeter of the embassy for security reasons. Experts are already working on the scene, investigations are underway," Nikolenko said.

RTVE TV channel reported from the scene that the ambassador and employees remain in the embassy premises, they were not evacuated. The police continue to expand the security perimeter around the building.

Earlier on Friday, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported the continuation of a targeted campaign of terror and intimidation of Ukrainian diplomatic institutions abroad.

After the terrorist attack in Spain, bloodied packages arrived at Ukrainian embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, the Consulates General in Naples and Kraków, as well as the Consulate in Brno. There were animal eyes in the packages, and the packages themselves were soaked in a liquid of a typical colour, smelling accordingly.

The Ukrainian consulate in the Czech city of Brno was even evacuated on Friday morning due to a suspicious package.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 30 November, a Ukrainian embassy worker in Madrid suffered light injuries as a result of the explosion of a package on the premises of the diplomatic institution, as the ambassador was supposed to get a package. Spain preliminarily classified the incident as a terrorist attack. 

On Thursday, 1 December, Dmytro Kuleba reported that, in addition to the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain, three more Ukrainian diplomatic institutions received threatening letters.

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