King Charles Attends Military Training Regime of Ukrainian Recruits

Monday, 20 February 2023

King Charles III has seen the military training regime of Ukrainian recruits temporarily stationed in the UK.

As Express reports, while in southwest England, the head of state witnessed how Ukrainian troops are being taught to attack enemy positions by British and international partner forces before being sent back to fight in the war against Russia.

In a video filmed during the engagement, troops could be seen in the distance crawling on the ground and reaching their objectives as the monarch was speaking with training personnel.

His Majesty was accompanied throughout the visit by Chief of General Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders but also met some of the international military personnel who joined forces with the UK to support the training of Ukraine's troops.

Charles, who is also head of state in New Zealand, was greeted by a New Zealander soldier with the hongi, a traditional Maori greeting that sees two people pressing their noses together.

The King also had the chance to speak with some Ukrainian soldiers taking part in the basic training.


The course for Ukrainian troops lasts for 35 days and provides them with essential teachings focused on lethality and survivability.

Among the main issues tackled during this training, Ukrainian soldiers learn medical care, weapon handling, basic fieldcraft and marksmanship.

Most of the recruits taking part in the course have little to no military experience, so learning these skills is particularly important to them.

Both the age and background of those joining this course vary. During the training, Ukrainians are also provided with interpreters.

Thanks to the exercises in the UK for the Ukrainian military, 10 thousand soldiers have been brought to combat readiness in the last six months.

The royal visit took place on the same day that US President Joe Biden paid an unannounced visit to Kyiv, marking the first anniversary of the Russian invasion.

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