Sandu Cancels "Moldovan language"

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, signed a law on Wednesday, which establishes the "Romanian language" in all laws of the country instead of "Moldovan" and "maternal" languages.

"I have promulgated a law today that confirms the historical and undeniable truth: the state language of the Republic of Moldova is Romanian. I want the Romanian language to unite all of us who live here and love this land," Sandu wrote on Facebook.

According to the Moldovan president, those who have been saying for decades that the citizens of Moldova speak "Moldovan" and not Romanian, "pursue only one goal: to divide us."

"It happens because when you have divided a nation, it is easier to subjugate and control it. A divided people is not a united force that could defend itself. Those who tried to divide us were not concerned with linguistics but with how to keep Moldova in eternal national quarrel," Sandu underlined.

Previously, the opposition of Moldova promised (Ukr) to appeal the removal of the "Moldovan language" in the Constitutional Court. So the law signed by the president may theoretically still be canceled.

On March 16, Moldovan lawmakers approved the final reading of a bill that will change references to the country's official national language in the constitution and in all legislative texts from Moldovan to Romanian.

The law will replace the currently used "Moldovan language," "official language," "state language," and "maternal language" in the constitution and all official documents in any grammatical form by the "Romanian language" in the corresponding grammatical form.

So, after the "technical changes", the article of the Moldovan constitution regarding the language will become shorter and have the following content: "The state language of the Republic of Moldova is the Romanian language."

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