Decision on Hybrid Tribunal Is Yet to Be Made, Three Options under Consideration — Ambassador Korynevych

Tuesday, 11 April 2023

A decision on how the Russian crime of aggression tribunal will look is yet to be made, while three different options continue to be considered.

Anton Korynevych, ambassador on special assignment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, main Ukraine's envoye in matters related to the international legal prosecution of the Russian Federation, has shared in an interview with "European Pravda" updates on this matter.

Korynevych underlines that Ukraine and its allies have created an informal association – a core group, which now includes 33 states and several international organisations.

"All coalition members support the idea that those who committed the crime of aggression should be held accountable. However, each state may have its own vision of how to create this mechanism. There are three options," Korynevych points out.

He has mentioned three options:

– the creation of a special tribunal by agreement between Ukraine and the United Nations, which the UN Secretary-General will sign to implement the previously adopted resolution of the General Assembly;
– a multilateral agreement on the creation of a tribunal between Ukraine and interested states;
– the so-called "hybrid," or internationalised tribunal, raises the most questions because it is flexible, and the only thing determined in advance is that the basis of the "hybrid" tribunal should be Ukrainian legislation.

Anton Korynevych explained that in the case of a "hybrid" tribunal, it will be created within the framework of the legal system of Ukraine.

"But in everything else, this approach is flexible. This court can be created in Ukraine, in The Hague, or in any other place in Europe; there can be Ukrainian judges and prosecutors, or international ones, or a mixed composition," he notes.

According to him, the best option for Ukraine is not a hybrid, but a "maximum international" tribunal that will act on behalf of the international community.

"However, at the moment, the choice has not been made in favor of any of the scenarios. And in the end, the most important thing for us is that a tribunal be created that will try Russian top officials for the crime of aggression," Anton Korynevich stressed.

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