Estonian Prime Minister on "Hybrid Tribunal": It Will Allow Putin to Avoid Responsibility

Monday, 24 April 2023

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas insists on creating a special tribunal to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders accountable for the crime of aggression.

"We support an international tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression. War crimes can be considered by the International Criminal Court and courts in Ukraine where they were committed. But when it comes to the crime of aggression, it is a crime of leaders. I am a lawyer by education and can say that any hybrid tribunal will allow Putin, Lavrov and others to avoid responsibility. It should be underlined clearly that aggression is a crime committed by leaders. They must be held accountable for it," Kallas said at a joint press conference with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Zhytomyr.

According to her, one of the obstacles in the way of a special tribunal concerns that the ICC has already taken steps against Putin.

"Someone may call it a victory because an arrest warrant has already been issued. I am very actively advocating for an international tribunal in a very clear format that will hold the leaders responsible for making the decision to invade Ukraine," Kallas said.

"We will help make sure there is no impunity, no immunity for the crimes of Russians, including the crime of aggression. Holding Russian leaders accountable for genocide and crimes against humanity is the goal. We can demonstrate that deportation was a crime of this regime, as was the attack on the Ukrainian people. Crimes without punishment will encourage new atrocities," the Estonian Prime Minister added.

Earlier, the media reported that Brussels and G7 countries were leaning (Ukr) towards the idea that the most realistic prospect for holding those responsible for the crime of aggression against Ukraine accountable would be a "hybrid tribunal."

It could combine the national jurisdiction of Ukraine and the process based on international law with judges from different countries.

Kyiv does not support the "hybrid tribunal"(Ukr) the West is promoting for Putin.

In an interview with "European Pravda," Anton Korynevych, the ambassador on special assignment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the decision on what the tribunal for the Russian crime of aggression will look like has not yet been made.

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