Ukrainian Troops Began Training on Leopard 1, 80 Tanks to Be Delivered from Midsummer – German Minister

Friday, 28 April 2023

Ukrainian tank crews have started training on the older model of the Leopard tank, Leopard 1, and 80 of these tanks will be gradually sent to Ukraine in the summer of 2023.

Boris Pistorius, German Defence Minister, in an interview with Spanish La Vanguardia, responded to a question about whether enough Leopards had already been sent for the Ukrainian counter-offensive, given that at the last "Ramstein" meeting, the discussion was mainly about ammunition, air defence and spare parts.

The Minister reminded that in March, Ukraine received 18 modern Leopard 2 A6s and 40 Marder armoured vehicles, as well as necessary spare parts and ammunition from Germany.

He underlined that the Netherlands and Denmark, along with Germany, were preparing to send older Leopard 1 A5 tanks.

"The training of over a hundred Ukrainian troops on Leopard 1 has just begun this week. 80 Leopard 1 tanks will be shipped in the middle of the year," said Boris Pistorius.

He also reminded that in Poland, they agreed to establish a Leopard 2 tank service center to maintain the combat readiness of the transferred machines.

As "EuroPravda" reported, in February, the Netherlands, along with Germany and Denmark, announced plans to send 100 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine (Ukr) – as soon as they are in the proper technical condition. In the interview, Pistorius did not specify why he mentioned 80 tanks. Perhaps, he was referring to a batch which maintenance was promised by Germany.

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