Experts Confirm Russian Origin of Missile Fragments Found in Poland

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

The initial conclusions of the Technical Institute of the Polish Air Force indicate that the fragments of the missile found near the city of Bydgoszcz are from the Russian X-55.

According to RMF FM, the Air Force Institute is making an expert conclusion on the found missile debris for the Polish prosecutor's office. The case gained publicity in late April when a random witness found the remains of the several-meter-long missile in a forest.

According to the conclusions, the winged X-55 missile most likely entered Poland through the eastern border.

This rules out the version that appeared shortly after the discovery of the debris, that a missile launched from a Polish range was found near Bydgoszcz, for example, during training or testing of anti-aircraft defence systems. The Polish army does not have such missiles in its arsenal.

If the conclusion is officially confirmed, it would mean that the missile was launched from a Russian aircraft.

In mid-December of 2022, the Russians carried out a massive shelling of Ukrainian territory. Among other things, they used planes based in Belarus for the attack.

Due to the appearance of the multirole tactical bomber Su-34 near NATO airspace, NATO fighter jets were scrambled. During these operations, an object appeared on Polish service radars, which flew into Polish territory from Belarus.

The Polish services tracked the object but lost it near Bydgoszcz. It happened about two kilometers from where the missile remains were later found.

Sources interviewed by journalists claim that the search was carried out shortly after the December incident but was halted after unsuccessful attempts, among other things, due to difficult weather conditions. At that time, a front with powerful blizzards was passing across Poland.

Previously, Polish authorities had officially confirmed only the fact of finding a "military air object" (Ukr) without any further comments.

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