Media Learns What EU's Decision on Security Guarantees for Ukraine Will Entail

Thursday, 29 June 2023

The European Union is preparing to offer Ukraine "future security commitments", which will include a promise to expand the initiative to train the Ukrainian military and the possibility of sending EU military missions.

The Financial Times referring to sources familiar with the discussions notes that European leaders will pledge to continue financing the supply of weapons to Ukraine through the European Peace Facility, which is funded by EU countries.

They will promise to expand the EU's initiative to train the Ukrainian military.

In addition, the possibility of sending EU military missions to Ukraine is being considered, if the conditions for this are deemed acceptable and such a step is agreed upon by all members, one of the sources said.

According to one diplomat involved in the discussions, the proposed EU declaration, drafted by France, aims to send a "very clear political message" to Ukraine and Russia.

Another official added that the EU's participation in the broader security framework being developed to protect Ukraine is intended to be ensured as well. However, this was met with resistance from neutral Ireland, Malta and Austria.

The draft leaders' statement, seen by the Financial Times, says the EU member states "stand ready to contribute, together with partners, to future security commitments to Ukraine, which will help Ukraine defend itself in the long term, deter acts of aggression and resist destabilisation efforts".

The day before, Euractiv reported that the European Council is to discuss what future security commitments the European Union could provide to Ukraine at a meeting on Thursday and Friday.

In addition, the issue of security guarantees is to be discussed at the North Atlantic Alliance summit in July.

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