Bundestag approves proposal on long-range weapons for Ukraine, Taurus missiles not mentioned

Thursday, 22 February 2024

The German Bundestag has voted in favour of the proposal prepared by the leading parties regarding arming Ukraine, which, among other things, includes a call for provision of long-range missile systems to Kyiv.

As reported by Deutschlandfunk, the proposal was supported by 382 members of the Bundestag; 284 voted against it, and 2 abstained.

The adopted document states that parliamentary factions of the coalition support providing Ukraine with "additional necessary long-range weaponry and ammunition". The proposal does not explicitly mention the Taurus cruise missiles.

During the discussion, Defence Minister Boris Pistorius stated that Ukraine can count on further support from Germany, as indicated by the recently concluded security agreement.


Pistorius did not respond to a question from Christian Democratic Union of Germany member Hardt regarding the prospects of supplying Taurus.

The specific long-range systems referred to in the adopted document are interpreted differently by parliamentary groups, reports t-online.

Some MPs from the Greens and Free Democratic Party suggest that Taurus was specifically implied.

At the same time, the deputy leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany parliamentary faction, Gabriela Heinrich, stated that the wording "does not necessarily" imply Taurus. 

"It's a matter of interpretation... The point is that we haven't drawn a red line on this issue," she said.

In the adopted proposal, it is noted that "Ukraine should continue to have the capability to strike military targets, such as ammunition storage points, supply routes, and command posts far beyond the front line, and be able to protect its soldiers from attacks by Russian military forces in the best possible way", among other things.

There were not enough votes in the German Bundestag to pass an opposition-introduced resolution calling for the provision of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine. The draft, introduced by the opposition Union parties (CDU-CSU), received only 182 votes in favour, 480 against, and 5 abstained.

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