Poland to change asylum rules for Ukrainians with expired documents

Friday, 26 April 2024

The Polish government will consider Ukraine's decision to suspend consular services for men aged 18-60 years in the general decision to extend temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens, which is at the preparation stage now.

As reported by Polish radio station RMF24, Interior Minister Polish Interior Minister Marcin Kierwiński was asked on Polish 24-hour commercial news channel TVN24 what Ukrainian men who are currently in Poland should be expecting, given Ukraine's decision to suspend consular services, as for many of them, this may result in problems with documents. 

Kierwiński said that all decisions regarding Ukrainian citizens in Poland are included in a special law, and recently, Poland extended temporary protection for Ukrainians until 30 June. 

"In a few days, we will submit a new version of this law, where all issues will be resolved," the minister said. 


He added that Deputy Minister Matei Duszczyk is in charge of developing a solution to the situation.

Kierwiński added that Poland does not disclose data on refugees who are in Poland, "in particular to the Ukrainian side." 

Polish Defenсe Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz assumed that his government could assist Ukraine with the repatriation of the men liable for military service, but he never specified what it would look like exactly.

On 23 April, Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's Foreign Minister, confirmed the message on suspending consular services to Ukrainian men abroad who are liable for military service.

Later, the Foreign Ministry indicated that after the mobilisation law takes effect on 18 May 2024, "the process of accepting and reviewing applications for consular actions will continue, taking into account the new requirements arising from the provisions of the law."

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