Estonia donates Mistral air defence systems and matching missiles to Ukraine

Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur announced on 11 June that Ukraine would receive a military aid package consisting of Mistral short-range air defence systems and the matching missiles.

As reported by Estonia's Defence Ministry, announcing the package, Pevkur stressed that Ukraine urgently needs air defence assets to repel Russia's ongoing brutal attack and that such assistance is also in Estonia's interest.

"We have designed the assistance package in such a way that Ukraine will benefit from it as much as possible without compromising the combat capability of the Estonian Defence Forces and that we can resume the necessary supplies as soon as possible," he added.

Estonia does not disclose the exact amount of military assistance for security reasons.


Mistral is a French-made advanced anti-aircraft missile system. It is available in both portable versions (man-portable air defence systems) and on launch platforms for vehicles, ships, and helicopters.

The system has a range of up to 6 kilometres and is designed for protection against relatively low-flying aircraft and helicopters.

Estonia has provided Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank guided missile systems, howitzers, artillery, anti-tank mines, anti-tank rocket launchers, mortars, vehicles, communications equipment, field hospitals, medicines, personal protective equipment and dry rations.

In March, Estonia announced a €20 million military aid package to Kyiv.

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