Yurii Panchenko

Co-founder and co-editor of the European Pravda
New Conflict Between Ukraine and Poland: Why Polish Truck Drivers Ready to Block Border
A new conflict is brewing between Ukraine and Poland. This time it is about freight transport. Is there any chance to resolve this dispute through compromise?
Government of Revenge and Friendship with Orbán: What to Expect from Slovakia's New Leadership
Key ministerial positions in the new government of Slovakia have been given to individuals known for their criticism of EU policies, including those concerning Ukraine.
September 15 Crisis: New Test for Ukraine-Poland Relations
What is really happening between Ukraine and Poland? Do the current issues have an electoral nature or are they systemic? Will they only intensify in the future?
Whose Ally Is Erdoğan: Why Is Türkiye Increasing Aid to Ukraine but Not Giving up Friendship with Russia?
What kind of assistance can Ukraine expect from Türkiye? How would they like to see Russia in Ankara: powerful, weakened, or collapsed?
How Tbilisi Destroying Strategic Partnership with Kyiv by Resuming Flights with Russia
It turns out that Tbilisi's assurances of respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity are worth nothing. They are willing to allow an airline operating in occupied Crimea.
EU Mistake and Farmers' Lobby: Polish Business Perspective Agrarian Conflict with Ukraine
Why did the Polish government impose restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural exports? What consequences will this ban have?
EU-Ukraine Grain Deal: Details of Brussels Proposal to Resolve Export and Trade Crisis
Why does the European Commission propose to impose restrictions against Ukrainian exports, although it had previously criticised similar decisions? How can Ukraine get out of this crisis without harming itself?
Coercion into Compromise: How West Frees Serbia from Russian Dependence
The "Kosovo compromise" promoted by the EU and the USA could fundamentally change the balance of power in the Balkans, significantly affecting Russia's interests.
"Ukraine Can Join NATO before War with Russia Ends" Interview with Ukrainian Government
Olha Stefanishyna is the main Ukrainian official in matters of relations with the EU and NATO. As Deputy Prime Minister, she coordinates Ukraine's path to both organizations, working in this field for many years.
Visitor from Another World: Is It Appropriate to Invite Pope Francis to Ukraine
"Saint Francis is probably devastated that the Pope has taken his name," Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland and ex-president of the European Council, responded to the recent statements of the Roman pontiff.
Fight for the Tank: Estonia Decommunized the Main Symbol of the Soviet Occupation
Estonian Narva, all of a sudden, turned into the main newsmaker on August 16. The government removed the Soviet T-34 tank, which was extremely important for the Russian community.
Will Tension between Kosovo and Serbia Lead to War, and What Should Kyiv Do?
One more war in Europe – this time in the Balkans. On the last day of July, it seemed more real than ever.
Security Guarantees on the Way to NATO: What Ukraine Can Count On
Ukraine and international experts will look for optimal security guarantees.
Kaliningrad: What Russia's Threats to Lithuania Might Lead To
Lithuania's ban on the transit of goods across its territory to the Russian Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad has outraged Russia.
EU Plans Hundred Billions for "Rebuild Ukraine", but Issues Remain
'Rebuild Ukraine' is the new tool for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the end of the war with Russia.