Mykhailo Soldatenko

Senior Associate, Asters law firm 
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ICJ First Order in the “Genocide Case” against Russia: Details and Implications
This order is binding. Further waging of war by the Kremlin, is not just a breach of international law but a violation of the decision of one key judicial bodies in the world.
Russia against the World: When to Expect the ICJ, UN Court's Order against the Kremlin
This is a matter of national life or death. Her final words were: "I respectfully urge the court to issue your order with utmost urgency. We are in your hands."
The Tribunal is not only for Putin: ways to hold the Russian elite accountable for the aggression in Ukraine
It is not the first such declaration in history. A similar one was signed during the Second World War, which subsequently resulted in the Nuremberg trials where Nazi leaders were tried for war crimes. 
Genocide Allegations in The Hague: Explaining Ukraine Claim Against Russia Before the ICJ
The war of the Ukrainian people against Russian invaders continues on many fronts. Now another front is starting - a legal war.
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