Ukrainian MP Offers to Recognize the Independence of Kosovo

Saturday, 6 August 2022

MP from "European Solidarity" Oleksii Honcharenko suggests that Ukraine should recognize the independence of Kosovo, registering a bill.

"Ukraine must recognize the independence of Kosovo. I have registered a corresponding bill to the Verkhovna Rada," the MP said.

He notes that the UN International Court of Justice recognized in 2010 that the declaration of independence of Kosovo adopted on February 17, 2008, did not violate international law, resolutions, or acts.

"22 of the 27 EU member states recognized its independence for a reason. We want to stick to this, too. Kosovo is also recognized by the USA, Canada, and the UK. Therefore, the next step of Ukraine will be the recognition of the state sovereignty of Kosovo and expressing international support," Honcharenko claims.

He says it is incorrect to compare Kosovo and Ukraine's situation with occupied proxies.

"This is not the same situation as in Kosovo and Serbia. Kosovo has really the right for its independence," Honcharenko writes.

On July 31, the situation in Kosovo worsened due to the planned entry into force of the requirement of the Kosovo authorities to use only Kosovo documents and license plates. Kosovo Serbs, who live compactly in the municipalities bordering Serbia up North, erected barricades on the roads and even fired at the police. At the same time, Serbia brought its army to a state of high alert.

On the night of August 1, the Kosovo government, after a meeting with US Ambassador, postponed the new rules until September 1.

The next round of dialogue at the highest level between Serbia and Kosovo is scheduled for August 18 in Brussels.

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