Own Commissioner by 2030: Ukrainian Government Disclosed Country's Possible EU Accession

Thursday, 6 October 2022

Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, Olha Stefanishyna, is convinced that Ukraine's EU accession will be completed by 2030.

She told about this in a video interview with "European Pravda" in Prague, where the European Union summit is taking place.

Stefanishyna explained they are now in dialogue with the European Union about starting accession negotiations in 2023. She admitted that some forces still oppose it.

"Tough, but if we try hard, we will be able to start negotiations in 2023. It also depends on the European Union," she explained.

Stefanishyna added that the procedure of starting negotiations should meet historical challenges and not contradict EU procedures. "We are now conducting negotiations with everyone on how to start negotiations. The absolute majority of EU countries are confident that negotiations may start in 2023. We are developing the choreography of this process," the government representative said.

Answering a "European Pravda's" question, she assured that the accession procedure would be completed by 2030.

"100%. Joining the EU in this decade is even too late. I believe in this decade we will already run for office in the European Parliament and some of the current negotiators will be members of the European Commission," the vice-premier assures.

One of Ukraine's points is public support: 66% of Europeans support Ukraine's EU accession.

Ukraine also informed the EU about its expectations regarding European Political Community.

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