Ministry of Foreign Affairs Calls Upon Serbia Not To Broadcast Russia Today Channel That Justifies Genocide of Ukrainians

Monday, 14 November 2022

Oleh Nikolenko, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has called upon Serbia not to permit the broadcast of the propagandistic channel Russia Today (RT).

He reminded the public that in the RT broadcast, "the aggression against Ukraine is constantly being justified and calls for the genocide of Ukrainians are being made."

"RT has nothing in common with freedom of speech and journalism. The propaganda and disinformation that this channel spreads will not benefit Serbian society. We are calling upon Belgrad not to make this decision", Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.

Nikolenko remarked that permitting the RT broadcast is not in line with Serbia’s course to become a member of the EU, which introduced sanctions against this propagandistic Russian media source.

"The Serbian government must understand that RT can start destabilising the situation in Serbia at any moment", – Nikolenko summed up.

By way of reminder, in October, the former broadcasting director of the Russian-language version of RT, Anton Krasovsky, called for "drowning and burning" of Ukrainian children who say that Ukraine is occupied by "Muscovites".

Earlier, it was revealed that a subsidiary of RT will start broadcasting in Serbia. The subsidiary Serbian RT channel will be headed by Yelena Milinchich, the daughter of Liubinka Milinchich, who heads the local editorial office of the Russian propaganda agency Sputnik Srbija.

At the beginning of March the EU Council made a decision to urgently ban the work of Russian propagandistic channels RT/Russia Today and Sputnik. Canada and Montenegro joined the EU in this decision. 

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