German Government is Preparing to Provide Ukraine with Taurus Missiles

Thursday, 10 August 2023

The German government may soon decide to supply Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles capable of hitting targets up to 500 km away.

According to information from its own sources reported by German t-online, based on reports from circles within the Social Democratic Party, the German government intends to announce the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine "in the near future," the publication states.

"The Chancellery is currently working on resolving this issue with Germany's most important ally and Ukraine's biggest supporter, the United States of America," the article reads.

According to information from government party circles, the German Air Force has also 'greenlighted' the supply of German Taurus missiles. Last week, the Chancellor's Office received a presentation from the Federal Ministry of Defence summarising the most important facts about these missiles: their presence in the Bundeswehr, the risks, and the effectiveness of the weaponry.

As the t-online points out, this decision could lead to the supply of American ATACMS missiles. As confirmed by several Social Democrats, a coordinated approach, especially with the United States, is a necessary condition for the Chancellor to agree to new armament systems for Ukraine.

The Biden administration has so far declined to supply ATACMS missiles. However, a change in course in Washington may also be inevitable. According to Politico, President Biden will appeal to the US Congress on Thursday to approve a new arms package for Ukraine. It is unclear whether this package will include the ATACMS missiles that Kyiv has been requesting for several months.

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