German Government Has Not Yet Decided on Taurus Missiles to Ukraine

Monday, 21 August 2023

The German government has not yet decided whether it will send long-range cruise missiles Taurus to Ukraine, as requested by Kyiv.

As reported by Tagesschau, government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit, when asked whether the increased supply of F-16 fighter jets by the Netherlands and Denmark to Ukraine would exert pressure on the German government regarding Taurus missiles, states they do not feel any pressure.

Responding to a question about whether a decision on supplying Taurus missiles can be expected before or during the government's meeting next week, Hebestreit added that he currently doesn't have a schedule to provide such information.

"It's important that there is currently no new status regarding Taurus missiles," he said.

It is also important for "Ukraine to receive maximum support," Hebestreit underlined, highlighting that Germany provides the strongest military support to Ukraine after the United States.

As previously reported, more than half of the surveyed citizens of Germany were against providing Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles, which Kyiv requested for targeting Russian military facilities deep within Russia.

Spiegel reports that classified negotiations with representatives of the defence industry regarding the supply of missiles are currently ongoing, as Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to make technical modifications to the missiles to make it impossible for Kyiv to strike Russian territory, other than Russian-occupied Crimea.

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