It's Official: US Supplies Ukraine with Confiscated Iran-Made Cartridges

Wednesday, 4 October 2023

The Central Command of the Armed Forces of the US has officially confirmed on 4 October that it supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with cartridges of Iranian origin confiscated during a smuggling attempt to Yemen.

The statement of the American Central Command says that "on 2 October 2023, the US government supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with about 1.1 million cartridges of 7.62 mm calibre".

These cartridges were seized back in December 2021 by the naval forces of the US Central Command on the MARWAN I vessel, which was transporting them to the groupings of Huthis in Yemen against the resolution of the UN Security Council.

In July 2023, the US confiscated the cartridges upon the lawsuit of the Ministry of Justice.

"The US undertakes to cooperate with our allies and partners in order to counteract the flow of Iran-made lethal military aid in the region by all legal means, mainly by the sanctions of the US and the UN as well as through the bans," the Central Armed Forces Command of the US added.

Earlier, CNN reported that the US was getting ready to announce the supply of "thousands" of units of armament and ammunition, confiscated from Iran, to Ukraine.

During the last few months, the administration of the US President has been thinking how to legally supply Ukraine with confiscated Iran-made weapons, since the UN demands destruction or due storage of these weapons.

The announcement was made amid the uncertainty of the US concerning further military aid for Ukraine due to the resistance of far-right Republicans in the Congress while the Ukrainian forces need more funds and armament from the US and its allies.

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