UK Intelligence Reveals Reasons Why Russian Forces Bomb Their Own Cities

Wednesday, 10 January 2024

UK Defence Intelligence has analysed cases where the Russian forces accidentally dropped ammunition on Russian and occupied cities and revealed the reasons behind it.

"Russia’s continued propensity for munition accidents is likely exacerbated by inadequate training and crew fatigue, leading to poor execution of tactics during missions," UK Defence Intelligence stated in its review on Twitter.

UK intelligence reported that Russian aircraft dropped a rocket on the village of Petropavlovka in Russia's Voronezh Oblast on 2 January, which has been confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

An aerial bomb recently fell on the occupied town of Rubizhne, Luhansk Oblast.


Both incidents occurred during Russian military sorties.

Before that, a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber jet dropped a bomb on the city of Belgorod, Russia, in April 2023.

On 9 January, the UK MoD noted that the scale of the Russian 8 January missile attack on Ukraine reflected the level of success achieved by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the 4 January strikes in Russian-occupied Crimea.

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