NATO Comments on Russia’s Large-Scale Missile Strikes on Ukraine

Wednesday, 3 January 2024

NATO has stated that it will maintain its support for Ukraine and defend "every inch of Poland" in response to Russia's recent large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine.

"NATO strongly condemns Russia's missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civilians, cities and towns. This is yet another proof of Putin's attempt to break Ukraine's resilience. He will not succeed," the NATO headquarters said in a comment to the Polish radio station RMF FM.

They stressed that "Allies have already provided Ukraine with a wide range of air defence systems and are committed to further strengthening its defence capabilities".

"NATO is committed to supporting Ukraine's right to defend itself against Russia's aggressive war. We will stand with Ukraine as long as it takes," NATO said.

The Alliance's press service mentioned the situation in Poland and the threat posed by the war to Ukraine's neighbours.

Alliance officials noted that "NATO is intensifying its presence and readiness from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, including in Poland" and that "Poland already has over 10,000 Allied troops and significant Alliance military potential, including NATO aircraft protecting Polish skies".

"NATO will further assess its posture and defend every inch of Poland," the statement underscored.

NATO representatives also mentioned Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg's statement after a Russian missile violated Polish airspace. Stoltenberg vowed full solidarity with Poland.

The UK Defence Ministry believes that Russia has at least temporarily changed its approach to long-range strikes on Ukraine and is focusing on defensive capabilities.

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