Ukraine's Foreign Minister Explains Why It Is Now Easier to Defeat Russia than in Times of Cold War

Thursday, 4 January 2024

Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine, believes that the West is currently winning the global balance of power and that, if everyone stands together, it is able to defeat Russia more easily than during the Cold War.

The Foreign Minister recalled on Twitter (X) that at the height of the Cold War, the so-called "West" consisted of only 19-20 countries, but still it outweighed the Soviet Union and the socialist bloc, which together constituted 20 now sovereign states.

"Today, only the countries providing military aid to Ukraine through the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, ‘Ramstein’, number more than 50. Modern Russia is far weaker than the USSR, with only three outcast allies providing it with weapons: Belarus, the DPRK, and Iran," Kuleba added.

Thus, the minister concludes that if during the Cold War the ratio of the number of states on the side of the West and the USSR-Russia was 20 to 20, today it is 50 to 4.


In addition, the total GDP of the current Western coalition providing military assistance to Ukraine is US$57 trillion, which is 21 times higher than the total GDP of Russia and its allies (US$2.7 trillion).

"According to the Estonian Ministry of Defense, if NATO countries invested merely 0.25% of their GDP in military aid to Ukraine, it would generate €120 billion in defence support each year. A sum large enough to assure Ukraine’s victory and just peace," Kuleba said.

He considers naive the idea that Russia will not dare attack a NATO country after a theoretical victory in Ukraine; therefore, he called the victory of Ukraine and the restoration of a just peace in Europe one of the "existential strategic goals for the Euro-Atlantic community".

"We do not ask anyone to fight for us. All we need is assistance that is timely and appropriate for the challenge we are facing. Figures show that it is not a matter of resources but of the West believing in itself and defining a clear goal of victory over the enemy that threatens us all," the Foreign Minister concluded.

Earlier, Kuleba urged Ukraine’s Western partners to speed up decision-making to continue supporting Kyiv in its defence against Russian aggression.

Kuleba also said that Ukraine has full faith in Plan A regarding military support from the West and does not have an alternative – a Plan B –  in the event that the original plan fails and the aid halts.

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