FT: Hungary blocks EU's 13th sanctions package against Russia

Thursday, 15 February 2024

Hungary has blocked the approval of the 13th tranche of EU sanctions against Russia, according to unnamed officials speaking to Financial Times.

Financial Times's sources said that during yesterday's meeting of EU ambassadors, Hungary was the only country to not support the 13th package of sanctions aimed at nearly 200 individuals and organisations from Russia, China, and other countries believed to be assisting Moscow in its war effort.

One official revealed that Hungary objected to the new sanctions due to the inclusion of Chinese companies in the list. 

Another government official, knowledgeable about the negotiations, diplomatically characterised them as "a very fruitful exchange," delicately detailing Hungary's blockade. He said the Hungarian ambassador requested "a bit more time to analyse the content of the proposals."


The spokesperson for Hungary's mission to the EU did not respond to requests for comment. 

Sources suggest that discussions will continue, and ministers of member countries will likely raise this issue in next week's meeting. 

Supporters of the sanctions package hope to reach an agreement by next Wednesday to meet the deadline of 24 February. 

The 13th tranche of EU sanctions against Russia is expected to be adopted by the foreign ministers of EU nations in Brussels on 19 February, but its content may still change. Media reports indicate that it may also include sanctions against North Korea for providing Russia with missiles used against Ukraine.

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