Self-proclaimed Transnistrian MPs in Moldova prepare to address Putin and ask to be integrated into Russia

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Self-proclaimed government of Transnistria in Moldova is preparing a "congress of members of the parliament of all levels" of the so-called parliament of Transnistria, as well as of district, city and village councils, on 28 February. At the congress, they will address Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

On 16 February, citizens allegedly turned to Vadim Krasnoselskii, leader of Transnistria, with an idea to hold the congress. On 19 February, he supported the idea, and on 21 February, the so-called parliament of Transnistria announced that the meeting would be held on 28 February.

The location, participants and time of the meeting have already been determined,  but the decision to be made by the MPs has not been announced.

At the same time, Transnistrian top politicians do not hide the fact that Russia will be on the agenda.


The leadership of the region is allegedly not satisfied with the Moldovan government's recent economic decisions.

Alexander Korshunov, head of the Transnistrian parliament, has been arguing in the media that the congress would turn to the whole world, not just to Russia.

"The situation is complicated, and we must turn to all the structures, including the European ones," he claimed without disclosing the main topic of the address.

At the same time, Transnistrian MP Vadim Kravchuk admitted in the broadcast of the Tiraspol TV channel TSV that the goal of the congress is to confirm that Tiraspol still wants to be integrated into the territory of Russia.

"Holding another referendum makes no sense, but it would be quite reasonable to confirm a previous decision…Transnistria expressed its desire to unite with Russia and the Eurasian Union back in 2006. The congress of the MPs of all levels will most likely confirm our intentions," he explained.

Gennadiy Chorba, one of the few representatives of the Transnistrian opposition, was speaking in an even more straightforward manner, noticing a coincidence: the congress, where Russia will be addressed in one form or another, was urgently planned for 28 February. And on 29 February, Russian President Putin will make a speech in the Russian parliament.

Chorba concluded that the congress "will make a request about integrating Transnistria into the territory of the Russian Federation on behalf of the citizens residing on the left bank of the Danube River, and on 29 February, Putin will announce it in his address, and the Federal Council on an expedited basis. will adopt a decision to grant this request".

Following the results of the so-called referendum held in 2006, the Transnistrian "Central Election Centre" announced that over 97% of citizens in Transnistria supported future integration into Russia. They also voted for preserving the "independence" of the region until its integration into Russia. Local MPs are still referring to these "results".

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