Macron urges Europe not to wait for US elections, but support Ukraine and reinforce its own security now

Tuesday, 27 February 2024

French President Emmanuel Macron has said that European nations should not wait for the results of the US presidential election to decide whether to reinforce their own military capabilities and that of Ukraine, but should act now.

As reported by The Guardian, insisting that Russia's defeat is absolutely essential for peace and security in Europe, Macron said that Europeans need to put their money where their mouths are and make firm plans to build strong defensive capabilities independent of America.

When asked about the possibility of continuing to support Ukraine in the context of the US presidential election in November, Macron said "we cannot wait for the outcome of the American elections."

"We cannot wait for the outcome of the American elections to decide what our future is going to be. It is the future of Europe that is at stake, so it is therefore up to the Europeans to decide. If others want to join in and help, fantastic, but that is just an added bonus," he said.

He emphasised that this is necessary not because Europe is pessimistic, arrogant or afraid, but simply because the future of Europe is at stake.

Russia, Macron said, "cannot win this war. It is the sole aggressor." 

"It is the sole country that instigated this war. Russia is now clearly affecting our own safety and security through both traditional and hybrid war," Macron stated. 

Macron also pointed out that Moscow's actions in recent weeks indicated that Russia could attack NATO countries in the next few years.

He did not rule out the deployment of Western troops to Ukraine in the future, although he stressed that there is currently no consensus among the allies on this issue.

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