Poll shows 84% of Ukrainians back EU accession, support keeps growing

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

The overwhelming majority (84%) of Ukrainians surveyed are in favour of Ukraine's accession to the European Union.

The results of a sociological survey conducted by the Razumkov Centre's sociological service from 19 to 25 January have been presented during a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency. It shows that support for EU accession in Ukraine continues to grow, as in December 2022, it stood at 79%.

Only 7% of respondents do not support EU accession (in December 2022, the figure was 8%).

EU accession is supported by 91% of residents of the western regions, 86% of residents of the central ones, 78% of residents of Ukraine's east, and 74.5% of residents of the country’s south.

The younger the respondents, the more likely they are to support EU accession – the share of their support has increased from 80% in the older (60 and older) group to 89% among those under 30.

23% of respondents believe that Ukraine will be able to join the EU in 1-3 years, 27%  in 3-5 years, 15% in 5-10 years, and 5% in 10-20 years. 6% believe that Ukraine will never be able to join the EU. Regarding those who do not support EU accession, 42% believe that Ukraine will never be able to join the Union, while only 2% of those who support EU accession think so.

The majority of respondents express a positive attitude towards the EU (87%), NATO (77%), the Council of Europe (67%), the International Monetary Fund (62%), the UN (57%), the International Committee of the Red Cross (54%), and a relative majority towards the OSCE (48.5%) and the IAEA (45.5%). Negative attitudes towards the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)  prevail (65% have a negative attitude).

The survey was conducted face-to-face among 2,000 adult respondents in government-controlled areas where no hostilities are taking place.

Earlier, the survey showed that Ukrainians consider the UK, the US and Germany to be friendly countries overall, but the perception of the top three as "definitely friendly" is different.

The perception of Poland as a "definitely friendly" country has plummeted compared to June.

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