Poland may temporarily close border for trading with Ukraine – Tusk

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Ukraine and Poland are discussing temporarily ceasing trade by closing the border.

"We are also discussing with the Ukrainian side the temporary closure of the border and the cessation of trade. Tomorrow, I'll also discuss this with Polish farmers," Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said as reported by RMF24.

He stressed that this would be a temporary decision and a painful one for both sides.

"Poland has a positive trade balance with Ukraine. We sell more to Ukraine than we receive from Ukraine. But different groups have different interests. Some benefit from Ukraine being able to trade without tariffs, but many others suffer greatly from it," Tusk said, according to TVN24.

Commenting on the most radical demands of protesting farmers, such as exiting the EU or completely closing the border with Ukraine, Tusk said they are unacceptable to him, but Warsaw will raise the issue of quantitative limits on trade with Ukraine at the EU level.

"The limits proposed by Brussels and Kyiv are unacceptable to us... There was an attempt to slightly limit the inflow of agricultural products from Ukraine so that volumes similar to those in 2022-2023 could be imported duty-free. Poland will propose in Brussels that the reference period should not be 2022-23 but the previous years," said Donald Tusk.

Earlier it was reported that Poland may ban imports of other Ukrainian goods if the European Union does not come up with an effective way to protect Polish and European markets. Eggs, fruit and meat are all at risk.

Polish farmers plan to block a checkpoint on the border with Lithuania on Friday. They will stop and check all vehicles that could be transporting Ukrainian grain.

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