Moldova expels Russian diplomat for organising "elections" in unrecognised Transnistria

Tuesday, 19 March 2024

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova declared a Russian embassy staff member persona non grata on 19 March due to him assisting the president of the Russian Federation in organising "elections" on the territory of Transnistria, an unrecognised breakaway state within Moldova, despite the disagreement of Chișinău.

Moldovaʼs Foreign Minister Mihai Popșoi noted that this decision was communicated to Russian Ambassador Oleg Vasnetsov, who was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, 19 March. 

"The Moldovan side protested against the presidential elections held by Russia in the Transnistrian region, against the wishes of Moldovan authorities. A diplomat was declared persona non grata," the minister wrote on his Twitter (Х). 

The ministry's press office stated that a note was handed to the Russian envoy, declaring the embassy staff member unwelcome on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and requiring them to leave the country.


Chișinău has prohibited the opening of polling stations on the territory of Moldova for voting in the "elections" for the president of Russia, except for the polling station at the embassy in Chișinău. 

However, Russia has opened six polling stations on the left bank of the Dnister River. Moldova's Foreign Minister, Mihai Popșoi, stated in an interview with European Pravda that Chișinău will respond to the illegitimate holding of "elections" for the president of the Russian Federation in the unrecognised Transnistrian region.

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