US asks Ukraine to stop strikes on Russian energy infrastructure – FT

Friday, 22 March 2024

The Financial Times has found out that the United States has purportedly urged Ukraine not to hit Russian oil refineries and other energy infrastructure facilities, as it is concerned that this could lead to higher energy prices and further escalation.  

The Financial Times (FT) reported that it spoke to three sources on condition of anonymity. The warning to Kyiv was supposedly repeatedly conveyed to top officials of the Security Service of Ukraine and Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, which oversee Ukraine's unmanned attack vehicles development programmes.  

One source said the White House is "increasingly frustrated" about Ukrainian strikes on oil refineries, terminals and other energy infrastructure in Russia’s west, which have affected Russian production in this area. 

One of the reasons for the US concern is that a decline in Russian exports could trigger a global rise in world prices, as Russia remains one of the largest exporters despite the sanctions. The rise in fuel prices could affect the outcome of the upcoming US presidential election. 


Washington is also concerned that in response to Ukrainian strikes, Russia could deal damage to energy infrastructure important to Western countries, such as the pipeline that pumps oil from Kazakhstan through Russia for export to global markets. 

In response to requests for comment, the US National Security Council said the US "does not encourage or enable" Ukrainian strikes on targets in Russia. No comment was provided from Kyiv.

On Wednesday, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visited Kyiv. During the visit, Sullivan stated that the United States believes in Ukraine's victory and called on Ukrainians to believe in the United States amid efforts to pass a critical aid package for Ukraine.

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