Congressman McCaul reveals when Speaker Johnson may bring Ukraine bill to vote

Monday, 25 March 2024

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, chairman of the House International Relations Committee, has suggested that House Speaker Mike Johnson may put a bill supporting Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan to a vote after Easter, which falls on 31 March this year in the US.

"His commitment is to put it [the bill] on the floor after Easter. And we are working on this bill," McCaul said in an interview with CBS.

He dodged the question of whether this would happen after 9 April, when the House returns to work, but clarified that he would like "to be done as soon as possible."

"If we lose in Ukraine, like Afghanistan, and lose to Putin, let him take over Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and abandon our allies, like we did in Afghanistan. Does this make the United States weaker or stronger? I think weaker," he added.


Johnson himself had previously said that the bill on additional funding to support Ukraine would be considered in the House of Representatives as soon as the issue of funding the federal government is resolved.

On Saturday morning, the US Senate approved the long-awaited US$1.2 trillion budget – a few hours after the government had formally run out of money to keep the government running.

The document was then signed by US President Joe Biden, who also called on the House of Representatives to pass a bill supporting Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

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