EU does not rule out possibility of anti-terrorist cooperation with Moscow

Monday, 25 March 2024 —

Following a terrorist attack in Moscow Oblast, the EU asserted that it might allow joint counterterrorism cooperation with the Russian Federation under certain conditions, but it is difficult to imagine a basis for cooperation with a country engaged in full-fledged aggression at the moment.

Peter Stano, EU’s Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, responded to a question at a briefing in Brussels about the possibility of EU-Russia cooperation in the fight against terrorism following the shooting in the Russian suburbs that killed 137 people. The terrorist group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

He recalled that, following the start of Russia's illegal aggression against Ukraine, the EU essentially suspended all forms of cooperation with Russia because it violates humanitarian and international law.

At the same time, he claimed that the EU was unequivocal in condemning what occurred in Moscow. In their opinion, it was unquestionably a terrorist attack. Stano emphasised that if Russia presented a credible proposal based on rational grounds and consistent with international law, the EU would most likely not refuse.


However, he added that at this point the EU is dealing with a regime that is drawing the country into an illegal war and oppressing its local population, making it difficult to imagine what the basis of cooperation would be.

Stano also stated that to this day, no terrorist attack on Russian territory has been thoroughly investigated – he emphasised that this raises many questions about the attitude of the Russian authorities. 

Stano also stated that nothing indicates Ukraine's involvement in the terrorist attack near Moscow, which the Kremlin has been insisting on. 

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has urged the public not to allow Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin and his associates to spread false information about Ukraine's alleged involvement in the terrorist attack in Moscow suburbs, сalling him a a pathological liar.

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