Tusk: Denmark and Poland are not considering any scenarios other than preserving integral independent Ukraine

Tuesday, 16 April 2024

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, after meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, has said that their countries plan to help Ukraine actively and do not consider any other scenarios than those in which Ukraine will remain an independent state.

As RMF24  writes, Tusk said after a meeting with his Danish counterpart in Poland that Frederiksen and he share identical views on European security and support for Ukraine.

"We will work together now and in the future for a united, clear and honest EU position on the war in Ukraine. We will be among those who help and mobilise others to help Ukraine. Denmark and Poland rule out any scenario other than one in which Ukraine preserves its territorial integrity and independence," Donald Tusk said.

Tusk reiterated that Denmark and Poland are members of several coalitions to supply weapons to Ukraine within the Ramstein format, including artillery, armoured vehicles, unmanned systems and cyber security.


He noted that, in general, the EU is now "in a better moral and ethical shape" than it was a few years ago, meaning that European states are really ready to help Ukraine and Germany, which once flatly refused to provide weapons, is giving Ukraine additional Patriots.

"It's not just a symbolic gesture; it's a new approach... European leaders of allied countries say they are ready to spend more and more," said Donald.

"The EU has proved to be much more effective than some other players in the world when it comes to numbers," the Polish prime minister said, "and this trend should be maintained.

At the briefing, he also said that he and the Danish prime minister had talked about creating a common European system of sky protection in case of war.

On Monday, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives introduced a new bill to help Ukraine, separate from Israel's, in which part of the aid is proposed to be provided on credit.

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