EU on Russia striking Ukraine's energy system: This is Putin's response to those who still believe in making peace with him

Tuesday, 2 April 2024

According to the EU, the increased brutality of Russian strikes on Ukraine, particularly on dams and power plants, is a response from Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin to those who still believe in a peaceful solution.

Peter Stano, EU’s Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said at a briefing in Brussels that the EU is closely monitoring the continuation and intensification of Russian aggression against Ukraine in recent days, during which Russia continued to terrorise the Ukrainian people by carrying out large-scale attacks using hundreds of missiles and drones against peaceful cities and increasingly against critical energy infrastructure.

"This is something we are condemning resolutely. We call on Russia to stop these actions, as we are calling on Russia to stop the overall aggression. This is a brutal warfare against Ukrainian civilians," Stano said.

"And this demonstrates the nature of this continued aggression. And it is also an answer by Putin to everyone who still thinks that peace with him is possible. Because this is his pattern of response to every peace effort, every discussion wherever on the international forum – just increasing the brutality with which he is terrorising the Ukrainian population."

Stano emphasised that deliberate attacks on civilian targets constitute war crimes, and that the EU will continue to support Ukraine.

"This is only strengthening our resolve to continue supporting Ukraine," he concluded. 

Earlier, in the midst of Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy system, the White House once again urged the House of Representatives of the United States Congress to approve assistance to Ukraine, which would ensure the supply of new air defence systems to Kyiv.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, once again urged the US Congress to approve additional funding for military aid for Ukraine as soon as possible, explaining that Ukraine’s capabilities in the combat zone depend on it.

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