Ukraine signs contracts for 54 RCH 155 howitzers with European manufacturer

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

The Franco-German arms conglomerate KNDS has a contract with Ukraine for the supply of 54 RCH 155 howitzers.

KNDS mentions an overview of the weaponry already delivered or contracted, including systems currently in Ukraine's arsenal.

"Currently, the Ukrainian Army has signed 54 RCH 155 with KNDS," the press office informs.

However, the delivery timeline and other details of this contract are not provided.


The article also notes that this year, 78 Caesar self-propelled howitzers will be manufactured for delivery to Ukraine. The French Defence Minister mentioned these plans earlier this year. 

Production of the Caesar howitzers has tripled, with six being produced per month currently.

The Militarnyi media outlet previously reported that Ukraine became the first buyer of the RCH 155 wheeled self-propelled artillery pieces at the end of 2022, purchasing 18 pieces funded by Germany.

The Franco-German company KNDS announced on 7 June that it would set up a subsidiary in Ukraine.

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