Penalties against Terrorist State: Ways Council of Europe Could Assist in Confiscating Russian Assets
The most practical effect of recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism can be achieved within the Council of Europe.
Explosion in Embassy That Should Change Spain's Policy on Weapon Supply to Ukraine
It has been a sudden flare-up of "letter terrorism" in Spain. In two days, high-ranking officials and foreign diplomatic institutions received several dangerous parcels with a flammable substance. They all share one trait - they are involved in helping Ukraine in the fight against the Russian aggressor.
Putin’s Army Fights Like ISIS in Ukraine. Their Way to Lose Is the Same, Too
Rape, as a crime of war, was weaponised by elements of the Russian armed forces multiple times before, especially during the first and second Chechen wars.
Transnistrian War Threat: Is There a Possibility of a Western Front for Ukraine
This week, while Russia is launching rocket attacks on the Ukrainian port of Odesa, events began to unfold further north in Transnistria.