Svitlana Romanko

founder of the Stand With Ukraine
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One Step Closer to Victory in Energy War with the Kremlin: What EU Countries Agreed On
On September 9, the energy ministers of the EU countries called on the European Commission to introduce a price cap on the gas against the backdrop of rapidly growing energy supply costs borne by consumers and enterprises.
Fueling Genocide: Western Financial Institutions Must Stop Supporting Russia
JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Citigroup and Crédit Agricole have provided in total more than 12 billion dollars of loans for Russian oil and gas companies in the run up to Russia’s full scale military invasion and continued providing financial services for them after Putin started the massacre.
Putin’s Best Friends: EU Gas Lobby Works against Ukraine
On July 20, Brussels finally took systemic measures to reduce gas demand in Europe.
Decision for Russia: Why Labeling Investments in Gas to Be "Climate-Friendly"
The European Parliament backed a somewhat controversial decision to allow natural gas-fired power plants to market as sustainable and environmentally friendly investments in financial markets.
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